Wednesday, November 16, 2011

15 weeks

We're expecting! :-) In case you missed it.

I'm 15 weeks this week. We've had 2 ultrasounds and at each everything looked "normal" for the gestational age on that day. Big ol' round head, spine looked good, cord and placenta doing their job.

I think it's a she. Last week at my OB check up he said the heartbeat sounded feminine, for what it's worth.

The pregnancy has been very different so far. I escaped sickness until the last couple of weeks and then all of the sudden *bam* losing my lunch (literally) in front of my students. This baby likes chicken *smile* but doesn't like sweets. This is hard for mama to adjust to. Mama LOVES sweets. I mean, I still eat the occasional piece of chocolate but for the most part I can pass. I am very very very tired and hoping the 2nd trimester will bring some change in that.

Each doctor's appointment gets a little easier. I was pretty stressed about the first one which fell the Monday after Sammy's birthday. Next we had an appointment with a perinatologist to get a level 2 scan and some extra blood work to rule out any open neural tube defects. When the dr walked in while sonographer was scanning she exclaimed "there's a head!" SMH Everything else looked ok too.

I hesitated to tell my kiddo's about it last week...I was losing my lunch and they were concerned I had a "stomach virus" or "head virus". :-) I decided to wait until after today's appointment to tell them. Without movement for proof of life I was just a little nervous to have to explain *again* that sometimes babies die. I told them the next morning and they were excited and over it in about 2.5 seconds. They giggled and said the picture looked like a puppy or kitty. I assured them I have a baby human growing in me, not a puppy or a kitty.

It's harder to plan this time. With Sammy, at this point, I had a list of the necessities and a few different favorites for a boy or girl picked out. This time, I can't imagine actually putting a nursery together or starting to gather all the required baby stuff.

I think I felt a swift kick to the left side early this AM. I rolled over and *jab*. :-) Only 2 weeks until we *hopefully* find out if it's a he or she and get confirmation that all the developing has happened in an orderly fashion.


  1. Congrats again! Your kiddos are so funny - my guess is girl kitty BTW. lol :)

  2. Teary. Love that you used the phrase "proof if life"... you're still the only person I know who likes that movie. And I have no doubt that you felt baby [girl] moving... I felt Ainsley so much earlier than Avery. Very excited.

  3. Congrats!! :) I craved sweets with all my girls!

  4. Congratulations Melissa!! Such good news! I know Sammy is watching over you and this baby! I am sure he is so excited for you and is telling Jesus all about his new baby (sister)! Enjoy every moment! :)

  5. sweets?? wish that happened to me when I am pregnant! can't wait to watch this little one grow ♥