Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 months

Today is 7 months since Sammy was born.

My momma is here visiting for Mother's Day.

My list of online-friends-who-had-babies-like-Sammy-last-year-that-aren't-pregnant-again has dwindled to 1. I love love love seeing their ultrasound photo's and gorgeous little profile shots. I am a *little* jealous but not enough to "try" and get pregnant.

I plugged a couple parking meters for Stevie on my way to buying out my most favorite store ever, Anthropologie.

I flipped out when I saw Starbucks brought the Mocha Coconut Frap to the mainland (they had them in Hawaii when I was there 4 years ago). Delish, my new drink of choice for the summer.

It's a minefield week. Mother's Day. 1 year since the diagnosis day. I've used up all the good graces of my co-workers in the last couple weeks so I've got this invisible, self imposed pressure mounting to keep it together for the next 5 weeks...

So tomorrow we are spring cleaning the house, planting flowers, and trying not to think about what could have been...


  1. I am praying for you today!!!! Much love and prayers to you!!!!

  2. Oh sweet friend, I do not know what that feels like, I wish I could be your non pregnant friend. But please know that I am here anyway. It sucks. Today was tough. The little boy that had the same due date as Briar was being dedicated at the service today. I happened to be in the front row and they happened to sit right in front of me. Um, ouch. I am praying for Sammy's momma today...knowing that he is just watching from Heaven with a smile. You are an amazing woman.
    PPS. I don't even like coconut but I LOVE THE MOCHA COCONUT FRAPP!! MY FAVE!!