Monday, April 18, 2011

spring break!

Treasure Island, Florida

Ooooooh goodness. It's the perfect start to a hopefully wonderful week. I am continuing to slowly read and live my way through One Thousand Gifts (OTG) and started The Shack yesterday. A little light reading for my week off (ha ha). It's spring break for us and sooo deserving after we took our kids on a field trip each day last week. We had to, we're not that crazy, it was state testing week and we had to get the K-2 classes out of the building so the big kids could test in peace. *rolling eyes* But! We survived and then left New Orleans for the beautiful beaches of Florida.

I spent some time in the ocean this morning watching and feeling the waves roll in. Thought of so many great metaphors for my life lately. Sometimes, sorrows do seem to "roll like sea billows". The important thing about being "in the sea" is to keep your head above it was my visual for living a spiritual life in a physical world. When those sorrows are rolling and creeping up on "the physical" it's important for me to keep my head fixed on things above, "the spiritual".

I hope to write a couple more times this week. OTG continues to blow my mind. I read one chapter on the way to a field trip destination and was almost in tears at the amazingness of what I read and the prayer it brought to my heart for my friends' baby. And the next chapter started with the sentence "God and I, we've long had trust issues." I literally laughed out loud as we pulled into our destination...if there is anything I *think* I understand it's trust issues. SMH This book, I tell you. Purchased 3 more copies last week, and have about 5 people I want to give the book too. :-) Buy the book people. AND read it.

Enjoy your Monday - *happy anniversary to Mom and Duane!*


  1. I was working on that book in Florida too and I keep putting it down even though it is awesome!! Thanks for the reminder to read it! Enjoy your time!