Saturday, April 9, 2011

new favorites, lotsa links, made up words

**I semi apologize for the incohesive nature of this post but I can't paraphrase Ann's blog
so you should just go read it.
Am I a jerk if I point out that clicking on any underlined text in this post will take you to a link?
Because it will.
And there have been people that didn't know that...just sayin...**

2 books everyone who loves reading (and crying and being challenged) should read:

(hence forth referred to as OTG since it will be referred to approx. forever, it's life changing, really)

I have purchased and given away 2 copies of copy of Elizabeth's book is also missing...loaned out (is that the right word Amy?) to someone, I've forgotten who. Soon I will go get new copies and put my name in them! (just ordered them (dubs copies) on Amazon).

Anyway - I was doing my blog tour a few minutes ago and decided to check out Ann's blog. Over the past few months a couple other bloggers I read mentioned her and then quoted her book...which led me to an irrational (God) need to purchase the book while I was in Colorado and subsequently give it away twice. So until it's replaced (3x) I read her blog. SMH.

#1 prayer uttered from these lips? "jesus help"

#2 prayer uttered from these lips? "be my strength and my song"

Which is odd because I don't sing? I surely don't *write* songs...but I love them?Anyway, tonight I read this: How Emptiness Can Sing <---click there

Amazing. Gonna go meditate on it for a while. Totally makes sense to me. My counselor (oh didn't I mention that? totally seeing a counselor these days) pointed out the voids in my life and how I will have to be intentional about what fills them. Obvious void and gaping hole of emptiness? Sammy. Anything good that has come out of me in the last 10 months has been because I'm trying to learn to let God be my voice, be my the maker of the music of my emptiness...

Just purchased Christa Wells off iTunes and then looked her up. She wrote "Held" and co-wrote "I Will Carry You". SMH How small is this world?

**the word gratitude was stamped on my mind all last fall, made this and started a couple other gratitude craftys. OTG - all about being grateful in EVERYTHING. yes, everything. everything. not just the good parts. everything. gratitude. everything.

**stone ground grits - delish. everything i hoped they'd be and more. if you have a chance, buy them and eat them.

**got to hang with my people from work last night. sooo much fun.

**also - the incohesive nature of this post might be due to the incohesive nature of my brain these days. and incohesive isn't a word but i like that way it sounds better than "not cohesive". what does merriam-webster know anyway?


  1. just started reading OTG - not getting far cause I have NO time and am exhausted...but it's my next goal :o) Good to hear from you.

  2. I just realized you were posting again! I feel like I've missed so much. Yes, loaned out to someone who borrowed it. Love you!