Saturday, March 9, 2013

ten months

We have a crawler on our floors. Sometime in the middle of his sick week he figured out how to crawl for serious forward movement. I knew he was starting to feel better when he crawled over to the puppies bed to get Stella's ball and be close to the action. That was close to the DVD's and the baby proofing began. Jake is not a "leave it alone" baby. He's a "hey-what's that?! I need to touch it" boy. Extra effort if it's shiny or big. Or can be un-somethinged (unpacked, unstacked, unwound, unplugged, etc).

Still only 2 teeth. There's a row on top allllmost ready. So mama is still pureeing 90% of the food. This baby loves to eat, and the only thing he doesn't enjoy so far is black beans with cumin, oh, and chicken. Ha - maybe he gets that from his brother *wink*. Anyway, don't know if it's the purred black bean texture or the cumin, I was just excited to add some flavor to his food. This morning, I handed him a slice of frozen peach and was rewarded with 5 minutes of silence. I don't even officially know how much he's eating. Seems like a lot but since it's all fruits and vegetables it can't hurt - right? At his last ear check he was 22 lbs. Big boy!

He's a great sleeper. Wiped out by 7pm most nights and up between 6-7am the next morning. During the sickness there was a little hiccup with waking between 4-5am for a bottle but he would go back to sleep so I won't even complain. He loves to cat nap every 3 hours or so but occasionally takes a long midday nap too. Since he's figured out how to move around the crib AND throw things, a new favorite game is to throw his paci out and then talk until someone comes to give it back. At night Jake gets really silly before bed time and loves to see how fast he can sit up after I lay him down.

Jakers is starting to sing a bit. Sooo sweet. And we've finally gotten a couple "mama"'s out of him. Not directed at anything in particular but definite mama action. The pups and loud children are his favorite. In the picture above he was watching some silly girls run back and forth in the yard. Nothing gets him quite as excited as watching other people be excited. We have not encountered the "afraid" of other people stage yet. I set him down at school (or church nursery) and he's off to play with toys and friends, not a bit worried about me.

I realized this last week he's becoming a person. In lots of ways I don't like it (the batting things away and fusses when he doesn't get what he wants), but I am also excited for the next. Zoo's, parks, and swimming, can't wait to show you the ropes of summer.

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