Thursday, January 17, 2013

8 months!

jake. jakers, pumpkin.
baby boy - how can it be. 8 months already.

loves: bottles, paci's, chunks of bananas, pears, apples...sweet potatoes, mango, carrots, puff thingys, mama, dad, the dogs, your new rocking horse, yourself in the mirror or pictures or video, splashing in the bath, teasing mama by constantly saying "da" in response to any prompt, being mimicked, "dancing" or that cute little bop you do when you hear a beat, those Varela girls, school (daycare) and your friends there, his cousins

likes: his backseat mirror

dislikes: not being able to crawl, climb, stand, when the food runs out, ear infections, his new car seat?, his puffy red coat

I really need to write down the thought every time I think about what's changing. Tonight he scooted across the kitchen floor somehow. He was on the blanket in the middle of the floor and then he was in front of the stove, looking at his reflection and playing with his elephant blower toy. Ceramic tile makes it easy to kinda creep along I guess.

I gotta figure out how to do video on here. Cause the dancing thing - sooo cute. He'll do it to any beat. Occasionally he'll wave good bye too. I've started signing "more" as I give him more puffs on the tray or another hunk of banana, we'll see how long that takes to catch on. He smiles now when I do the sign, like he knows what's coming.

He's making the remembering big stuff easy on me. 1st tooth - Thanksgiving week. 2nd tooth - I noticed on Christmas Day. We nursed for the last time on New Years day. While I was sad to stop, it was the right time. I don't know how people bf for years and years. I didn't realize the effect it was having on me. I mean, I loved doing it, I will do it again should the occasion arise, but it is soooo nice to have my body to myself. The pressure to eat the right foods to produce enough and the pumping - ugh. It was a great journey.

I have been making most of his food. A friend is letting me use her baby Beaba and it is amazing. Chop, steam, puree. Done. I store it in 4 oz (4 ice cube) portions in ziplock snack size bags. Ms. Sharon feeds him A LOT so that's the easiest way to get it done for her and for home.

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