Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 : busy summer

We are busy! I have been working on a few projects for the home and a few for school. We have been one 1 family vacation and had 2 groups of visitors. Jake is busy learning, learning, learning and mama is loving it all.

book shelf = best birthday present ever 

at 14.5 months here is the updated list of your accomplishments little dude: 

sleep: between 11-12 hours a night with inconsistent naps

movement: crawling! and that igor real walking yet but you have been brave enough in the last week to take some unsupported steps. this week when we were in various stores you wanted to get out of the cart and walk next to me. gross motor development is moving right along - you make "the wheels on the bus go 'round, and round" and can be distracted from whatever terror has beset you (diaper change, whatever) with the singing of that song. the itsy bitsy spider is also starting to work it's magic. i have seen you crawl an itsy bitsy up the water spout. 

food: eating like a champ {as usual} but getting a little bit more picky. i never know what you're going to eat so I put a few bites of anything on your tray to see if you'll bite. tonight it was pita dipped in lemon greek yogurt. whatever dude. fruit is FAVORITE ever. bananas and blueberries are at the top of the list. I'm sneaking you vegetables in your quinoa bites and pita pizzas. *wink* you, kinda, fed yourself yogurt with a spoon tonight. it was messy but you sure tried. 

communication: stella! is your official first word. so one else knows that's what you're saying except me and daddy though so i'm not sure if that counts. i guess "boo!" might be your first discernible word, i think other people understand that. in the last couple weeks you've started shaking your head yes and no with intent. usually you start with no and if you really mean yes, you will slow down and nod. i'm getting anxious for more words because we both get very frustrated with the lack of understanding. i know it'll come with already point and comment with that sweet baby gibberish on most of what you see. you bark anytime you see a dog, or almost any 4 legged animal. we're working on the cow's moo and the horse's neigh. you LOOOOOOOVE people. you light up for anyone who's eye you can catch in public. it's amazing to me how comfortable you are on skype, remembering grandparents and the special games you share with each of them. you can find your nose, your eyes, your ears, your tongue, and sometimes your eyebrows. 

play: you are a champ at the high five and since we've been working on knocking on doors you also give knucks. ohhh - and open mouth kisses, and sometimes zerbet kisses. i can keep you busy for 10 minutes with any of the following: a spatula (bonus minutes with a bowl), a cup with ice in it and a straw, a container with something to put in it and take out (in and out, in and out, in and out), a bag with something to take out & put back in (out and in, out and in, out and in), a small ball to throw around, containers with lids, and my phone. you have a sound table in your room that you love and i especially love that you will sit in your little striped chair and look at a book. 10 Little Lady Bugs is a current favorite, along with Pat the Bunny, and Barnyard Dance. seriously, you open a book and start gibbber gabbering away. 

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