Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 weeks ish

If I had written this a couple days ago, the information would have been totally different. Such is the life of a 6 week old. Over the weekend he was acting all grown up, sleeping for a longer chunk in the evenings, getting through the days with minimal fussing. After last week, the week of constant feedings and fussings, I thought for sure he had hit his 6 week growth spurt and we were being introduced to the *next* version of Jake. 

But alas, the 4-5 hour chunk of sleep in the early evening has stayed and the fussing returned. I heard someone say that the only thing consistent about an infant is change. Jake = that. 

What *has* remained consistent? He's a morning baby, he gets that from his dad. 7 times out of 10 his changing pad is magic and he will erupt into smiles within moments of being laid down. The brown ceiling fan in the kitchen is his favorite and the shower running holds him captive for at least 15 minutes. Seriously - who would have thought to ask for that? Dave discovered another great, Jake, swaddled, in the bouncy chair, on top of the counter right above the dishwasher. The sound of water, the steam, oh, the venetian blinds on the window to look at...Jake's OTG list is simple.  Oh, have I mentioned *red Jake*? When he get's especially angry he turns red and one of us watches too much Friends. In the last 2 days he has decided his paci's are the devil. The face he makes, I will try to photograph, it's amazingly dramatic, *if* he tries it - suck, suck, pfooudt - mama can you catch it?

I am enjoying these days and being Jake's mama. Last week the change in my life felt spotlighted once again. I will remember my third mother's day (I was prego with Sammy in 2010 so I count that as my first - be what it may) as the day I tried to get out of the house with my 6 day old baby but with his eating schedule it was a fail. Life revolved (and still revolves) around Jake's needs. Last week, I was reminded this and - confession - I was saddened by it. It was my friend's birthday and she was getting a bunch of ladies together for a celebratory dinner. I don't see this set of friends very often so I try to make the gatherings a priority. Jake was having a week (much like this week actually) and wanted to eat every couple hours and fuss in between. I couldn't get away. At the same time, Dave was making plans to be out or away 3 out of 5 week nights. I pouted. I got over it. It's one of the craziest transitions that you can't really prepare for. One moment you can go where ever you want, the next, BAM! you have to plan and multiply the previous time and effort by about 56.

It's worth it, I'm getting used to it, I'm just sayin'. Also - New Orleans has a *serious* lack of drive thru coffee shops. We're at zero. Jake goes all *red Jake* in the car these days so a 20 minute drive to get coffee in a drive thru isn't an option and I guess my need for good frou frou coffee doesn't out weigh the process of get the baby out, take the baby in, hope he isn't screaming?? This would be a classic "first" "world" "problem". Excessive quotes to highlight the ridiculousness of this paragraph...yeesh. 

So that's an update at 6 weeks. Ish. I still have goals of posting about his room and a bunch of other stuff that has happened in the last 6 weeks. SMH - we'll see. 


  1. I swear Jake needs to meet his Papa D and have some quality time with him. He has this awesome calming effect on babies. Just ask Isabel. Only a week and a day until we can test it out!

  2. :)
    Can't wait to hear more about his room! It sounded adorable it the planning stages!!!

  3. Love that you said "red Jake". I would blow in Ainsley's face when she did that. She seemed to actually like it after the confusion.